Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Open me up to listen more
to hear more ways to explore,
to walk my path in coloured shoes
and keep on walking-off the blues……
So then I will hear more tunes,
a melody which fills all rooms……
It comes from the past
and burns with fire,
it’s lightest note brings desire
for all there is to enjoy,
for sharing more of my gift of life,
for reaching out across the fields,
for posting more of my yields
which stream to me with the joy of song…..
they are what lets me reach up higher
and bring the warmth of winter’s fire…..
In winter-time I go within
to hibernate,
and create.

Bring all you have to all there is
and light a fire to shine on high,
a blaze so bright it cheers the sky
and all the cold of morning frost
is gone,
it is gone
but never lost……..
We need all seasons,
be they cold or hot,
we welcome change,
do we not?

Oh some folk change to fuel their growth
and some are just wound up tight
to cocoon-in heat
from the dark night.
Some of us live free and clear
knowing that what-ever’s there
will be over here as well,
so soon we’ll know
and soon we’ll tell
that happiness is a gift to each,
some give-up looking
and never seek
and some are held
under the weight of past,
leave those burdens,
escape at last.
Life it is for living free,
forgiveness brings much joy to see
for all who smile at every brother
we are all one
from our Earth Mother.

So what this Honeysuckle says to me
on this mild winter’s day
is smile and play, forgive and say….
“Let my life be one of joy,
as happiness comes to me,
and I welcome every new friend found
there is light and harmony all around’…..

The season sings,
flowering snowbells ring,
some colour begins to show
and the hopeful ones do all know
that as honeysuckle calls the hummingbirds
the bells of faith are rung
and heard…..
Honeyeaters know to look within
to where they find the sweetest nectar
these little birds with a musical call
have a melodic song to share with all.

As fragrance fills this everyday
the present-moment is a time for play
enjoying the gentle winter light
and bringing willingness into your life.

 (Written on June 19th, 2013 with the Winter Honeysuckle)

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