Saturday, June 22, 2013

Openness and Oneness

Fully faithfully, there to see
I am one with you
and you are one with me.
Each day we walk
our path of light
and hoping all that comes to be
is pleasing and peaceful
and blessed to see
that all our time
we ever have
if one with God
it will be glad.

Miracles are everywhere
love and kindness
here to share.
Accept yourself
and live the life you came to be,
a shining soul
in eternity……

It takes a while to find your path
with hilly-climbs
across the earth,
the days so dry, your throat is rough
and some past lessons
seem quite tough
but what they were
and what they are,
are signposts beside the tracks,
look at them
and don’t look back……

The way ahead
is the way to go,
look up and over,
you’ll see the glow…..
the light so bright
guiding you,
follow on
and follow through.
There will never be
a better time
to start right here
and cross the line.
Leave behind all pain and dust,
walk through fields
grassy and green
and sit by lakes
as lovely as you’ve ever seen.
And as each day dawns
in your world
be grateful for ‘all there is’,
the ‘seen and unseen’
guiding you,
metaphorical signposts everywhere
just be aware in the softest light
neon blessings
are shining bright……..

The path of love
is the path of life…..
the path with heart
is the choice to choose……
being kind  and being free,
being yourself
and sharing your heart
this dear soul is the place to nest,
resting in your tree of life……
the warmest love
with the softest smile
will help many a pilgrim
across the miles.
The forest paths
are lit with flowers,
your new life is here
in every hour.

Yes follow the light leading you…..
be yourself,
the Self of Truth……
There within
is all your world,
let openness show
this light to all,
many a path will then be lit
and many a new friend
will come to know
that what I feel
so do you,
what brings me joy
makes you laugh too……
let’s go forward without regret
and show real love
to all we meet.

A smile, a smile
is a beaming light
across the valleys
through the darkness night
and as morning dawns
that face we see
it is mine, it is yours,
it is Heavenly.

(Written whilst in meditation this morning, June 22, 2013)

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