Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be A Light In Your World

I was driving home from the city, through the damp forest and over the ranges when these first 2 lines kept repeating in my head.
This was a message for someone dear and so I pulled off the winding Swamp Road and jotted this somewhat universally inspiring verse in my notebook: It is yours for the asking……

Never think you don’t deserve
to live your life again,
never think you don’t deserve
to shine sun on your rain.

You know,
Dear One
and so do I,
that life won’t let you
pass it by.
It is time my dear
to hear this clear,
it’s your time now
to shine,
life is passing by
each day
and now dear sweet
comes time to play.

Be much easier
on yourself
be kind to you,
it’s time you knew
that the past will heal
when you forgive yourself,
be kind indeed
that’s all you need.

The present day
is ours to keep,
rest your mind
in your sleep
and believe it’s true
as indeed it is,
that life begins
with each new day,
let new life shine
have time to play.

Your wells of sadness
have over-flowed
and you do know
as you cry your heart
today it’s time
for you to start
believing all you came to do
was be a light
in your world
and share your smile
so much more….
new life unfolds
as seasons pass
and love yourself
you will at last.

Your big heart
has lived through the dark
and all around
and up above
send you grace
and send you love.

So little treasure
reduce the measure
of long, long hours
spent at work
and ‘give yourself
the biggest break’
be kind to you
for heavens’ sake.

Love surrounds
you all the time
believe this truth
and stretch outwards
and let the grief
and love yourself

Footnote verse:
Some dark, some bright,
clouds overhead,
but never let it be said,
that time has passed you by,
as your time will shine
indeed it will
let all hope in
and springtime bring
colour, and life
to warm your heart
and begin again
with a bright new start.

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