Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spiral Dancing

As we wandered outdoors
in the warm Autumn air
two monarch butterflies delighted me
by spiral dancing above our heads,
joyful moments were indeed immense.

I was walking through
red and pink Valerian blooms,
and carrying Bobby, the woolly-fella,
when Poppy energy surrounded the space
as these butterflies then circled us
and I was in awe of how close they came
and stayed to play for a long time.

It was just what I needed to lift and inspire
as a few minutes before I was weeping some tears
and thinking of her,
as I saw the Viburnum near her grave
was looking healthy with new buds
soon to be blossoming after the rain.

Breathing Life Is Free

All the air you ever breathed
and all the life that is conceived
and all the times you need no more
release the past and explore.

Every adventure starts now.
every breath is the best,
every sigh let’s go
and every time and all the time
there is a line
from then to now,
erase that one
and live somehow
in this moment,
then in the next
you never need to learn this text.
Just release, release,
breathe deeply
breathing life is free.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Nothing Ever Is Lost Forever

I love this season,
fresh and sunny
or clouds with rain are here again,
but whatever lands upon my head
I know it’s true in that very moment
weather comes and weather goes
and autumn leaves land all around
so signs of change are everywhere
as letting-go is the lesson
and being open brings new blessings.

What comes to me to help me see
is a willingness to carry on
through uncertain times that circle round
with healing times working through,
let patience and faith light the way
as I work in the garden today.

I am planting pansies as I think of him
who left this world years ago
but lives in my ways as I greet the new days
and nothing ever is lost forever.

Observing nature
and all the changes
help to show, as we go
through the seasons and different reasons
for making choices
comes ‘the autumn of letting go’
to await ‘the winter of hibernation’
and celebration by fireside,
lavender, grapefruit, patchouli and ginger
cypress and lemon call me too
as fragrance brings us memories
and willingness eases every way
so on I go through this day.