Sunday, April 24, 2016


“Come to me”
I heard these silent words
as I came to start a bright new day
and a brilliant full moon
lit my way.

Clouds float by
as cool winds blew
rose petals strew
and I witnessed all from my room

Yes a new day begins
and I am here
present to what’s becoming clear
Focus Forward Move Along
the breeze lifts
the winds are strong
the clouds now roll along.

Yes I see the way is clear ahead
it seems, and true it is
that the past is now back there
and the rising light greets the day
as new times arrive
and all the old is left behind.

You are shown a living room
where faith will bring
the answers to
all the challenges facing you.

The blue skies shine
as clouds have cleared
the day is calm
you bathe in sunshine and quietly rest
know and believe what is best……

Home again truly blessed

(Written on April 23, 2016 Part 3 of The Golden Bird Trilogy)

Drawings by Anastasia Catris and mindfully coloured-in by Bee Porteous

'Colour me Mindful - Birds' by Anastasia Catris, Orion 2015 UK)


Sunday, April 17, 2016

For You

I will hold the light, she said,
I will quietly sit by the bed
and through the day into the night
all will be lit
beside you.

And together
I know we will meet
those who come indeed to greet
And still you sleep
as I,
gently weep into the dawning of a new day
so Farewell Dear One, you hear me say.

Gone with the flowers
to brighten all
comes the colourful Autumnal Fall
comes the beginning
following on
we all know
you tip-toed home.

There were all these years
you held the lamp
you kept the fires glowing
you expanded knowledge
turned endless pages
and became The Elder of the ages.

Hold quietly still
until your calling.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

From A Bird

So why did we not see, what was obviously
visible to the birds.

The birds who flew
who sang,
who knew,
who nested safely and fed their young,
who twittered quietly when the day was done
who sang to the skies from within shrubbery
who perched in the tree-tops with a view to the sea.

If only the bird of spirituality
was heard like words of clarity
to those who miss the brighter song,
who need life’s pain
to bring the rain
to cleanse the lands
to start again.

So quietly here I go…….

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I Feel This Day Deeply

Day & Night

In air
With trees

Earth & Fire
Colors & Capes
Golden then White
Mirrors of Silver
Stardust Moonlight