Saturday, July 29, 2023

Opening To Higher Skies

Crossing The Lines:
I see these lines in nights of dreams
I call them up to learn
that they were gifts of life to help me grow,
ways that came so I would know
that these, I no longer need inside of me.
So respectfully,
I raise them up to be free.
Quietly liberated.
So that they and I honorably fly,
releasing peacefully to the skies.
With deep witnessing I came to know
to welcome joy to live within
where all those pains had been.
In the middle of this winter night,
I found the ways to let things go
and now I truly deeply know
that I am here to learn through joy
and may that be true
as I have found my way through
and see how, as I set pain free,
all the ways you assisted me
to release mind-lines
and just let all things pass eternally. 
Written in dream journal, 5am, July 3, 2023

Friday, July 28, 2023

In The Pink

Pink Lake being pink Summer 2015 and pinker in Winter 2018
BP photos: Pink Lake, Dimboola, Victoria, Australia

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Welcoming Whatever Comes

Light dances all around
pixies play as blue skies arrive to greet this day
and all along the way I stroll
something brighter calls to me
as I keep on stepping over tracks
going further along
not wondering where
but knowing truly I will be there 
Hour by hour and steadily strong
this day is where I belong
and tomorrow I will be somewhere else
but always here, and happy to be
welcoming whatever comes my way
at any hour of any day.
There is peace encircling me,
Love is a certainty.
Light is ever present and joy is gently rising.
Blue sky is the color I see
though the sky may change outside of me. 

Photo credit: Australian Geographic Travel,
Great Egret in Wetlands of Northern Victoria