Saturday, July 29, 2023

Opening To Higher Skies

Crossing The Lines:
I see these lines in nights of dreams
I call them up to learn
that they were gifts of life to help me grow,
ways that came so I would know
that these, I no longer need inside of me.
So respectfully,
I raise them up to be free.
Quietly liberated.
So that they and I honorably fly,
releasing peacefully to the skies.
With deep witnessing I came to know
to welcome joy to live within
where all those pains had been.
In the middle of this winter night,
I found the ways to let things go
and now I truly deeply know
that I am here to learn through joy
and may that be true
as I have found my way through
and see how, as I set pain free,
all the ways you assisted me
to release mind-lines
and just let all things pass eternally. 
Written in dream journal, 5am, July 3, 2023

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