Sunday, July 14, 2024


Bobby Sweetheart,
this is one of my lovely pictures of you,
with your shining heart beaming through,
so much so, the vet always said,
when we thought it was the end,
"He's got a strong heart.
He wants to stay, he is happy with you,
so keep taking care of him"
In this photo Bobby was cradled in my lap
and we shared love and play for 9 weeks more.

With love to all for your gentle thoughts,
Bee and Bobby xoxo

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Noticing Quiet Things

This winter glow
brings quiet things
rarely noticed
but deeply felt as caring gifts
thankfully received
and continually cherished in my deepest heart.
Grace, peaceful blessings and deep serenity to all
Love Bee xo

Monday, July 8, 2024

Lighting Our Way

Sweet love of mine, what joy I have
I am most glad to see you
dressed in pearly white this full moon night.

Shall we dance, sweet jonquil,
shall we sing quietly
shall the stillness bring us through.

The years of tears are gently taken
to heaven to rise again
and fall with the spring rain,
when time has passed and our hearts
are lifted with the artistry of daffodils
blooming on the grassy hills.
These Jonquils are chosen with fondest love
for my Dad, my Mum and my best friend, Bobby
who passed away, in separate years, in the morning of July 5.

Sunday, July 7, 2024

One Day Before Yesterday


One day before yesterday
you gently passed away.
Your soul left in a second, 
so your glorious running, playing,
eating and now sleeping body is resting.
Yet, still I see you playing 'chasey'
or in your favorite tunnel nest
under the old lilac tree
with your toys and pixies
peeping through the strappy leaves
where tall blue lilies will always be.

Us always walking around together,
picking posies and sniffing flowers will be
my happiest memory.

Little Bobby Sweetheart,
everyone loved your super happy smile,
your joy, your play will always stay,
as your deeply gentle fondness
was shining brightly every day.
Best friends from the start,
Bobby, you will always be in my heart.
Always in my heart.
Bobby - November 2010 to July 5, 2024

Monday, July 1, 2024

I Lay The Past To Rest

There were different roads that I chose to go
and some long ways in another direction
but always, then came an intersection
with a higher way to take that day
and the next, until I found the best path yet. 
Not at all easy.
Some days my bones are going slow
so life it brings Simplicity.
I find Joy at the start of every path
back to the beginning.
Long ago, when I walked a different way
I shaved skin off my shinbone
I mostly felt all alone
so I did Tai chi among the trees
I walked home alone in the dark
yes for me,
some very contradictory ways to be.
I walked and walked,
I worked late shifts, up and down
ten city storeys in a time of little glory
when I could only just pay the rent but I went
bush-walking every morning.
I have taken inspiration on outback tracks
I have planted sunflowers in a country field
I have learned from relationships
I looked to sea
the wide skyline of anchored tankers
raw iron-ore going nowhere.
So times were not easy to forget.
I was lost in a crowded place
I was invaded in my own space
Maybe I hide in plain sight
I have walked so many paths
I have bundled sticks along the fence
so little lizards hide in them.

Yes I could start a fresh.
So no longer looking back,
I find this track to stroll along.
Just following the flight of birds
and the whispering grass I have always heard.
I walk where the trees talk with me. 
I find The Simple Path is my way,
so life is ever so much better this very day.
July 1, 2024