Monday, July 1, 2024

I Lay The Past To Rest

There were different roads that I chose to go
and some long ways in another direction
but always, then came an intersection
with a higher way to take that day
and the next, until I found the best path yet. 
Not at all easy.
Some days my bones are going slow
so life it brings Simplicity.
I find Joy at the start of every path
back to the beginning.
Long ago, when I walked a different way
I shaved skin off my shinbone
I mostly felt all alone
so I did Tai chi among the trees
I walked home alone in the dark
yes for me,
some very contradictory ways to be.
I walked and walked,
I worked late shifts, up and down
ten city storeys in a time of little glory
when I could only just pay the rent but I went
bush-walking every morning.
I have taken inspiration on outback tracks
I have planted sunflowers in a country field
I have learned from relationships
I looked to sea
the wide skyline of anchored tankers
raw iron-ore going nowhere.
So times were not easy to forget.
I was lost in a crowded place
I was invaded in my own space
Maybe I hide in plain sight
I have walked so many paths
I have bundled sticks along the fence
so little lizards hide in them.

Yes I could start a fresh.
So no longer looking back,
I find this track to stroll along.
Just following the flight of birds
and the whispering grass I have always heard.
I walk where the trees talk with me. 
I find The Simple Path is my way,
so life is ever so much better this very day.
July 1, 2024



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