Sunday, July 7, 2024

One Day Before Yesterday


One day before yesterday
you gently passed away.
Your soul left in a second, 
so your glorious running, playing,
eating and now sleeping body is resting.
Yet, still I see you playing 'chasey'
or in your favorite tunnel nest
under the old lilac tree
with your toys and pixies
peeping through the strappy leaves
where tall blue lilies will always be.

Us always walking around together,
picking posies and sniffing flowers will be
my happiest memory.

Little Bobby Sweetheart,
everyone loved your super happy smile,
your joy, your play will always stay,
as your deeply gentle fondness
was shining brightly every day.
Best friends from the start,
Bobby, you will always be in my heart.
Always in my heart.
Bobby - November 2010 to July 5, 2024


  1. My dearest heart breaks for you having lost your beautiful Bobby. I always think that the pain is like have heart surgery without the anaesthetic. There are no words I can say that can ease your pain except that I know how you feel. God bless Bobby. He was such a treasure and you brought such love, laughter, care and happiness to each other. I am so sad and sorry dearest friend xxx

  2. Thank you Friend, yes I am sitting with my sadness and missing Bobby Little Bob, following me everywhere and waiting inside the door. There is no separation, as he is around and now we can walk in Botanical Gardens together and he can race around unseen!!
    My heart is with you and I send love and blessings, Bee xo

  3. Thank you Dear Friend, yes I am sitting quietly with my sadness and missing Little Bob Bobby, following me around everywhere and him waiting at the door, or sleeping by the fire.
    But there is no separation, so he can come walking in Botanic Gardens and Bush Parks as now he is unseen!
    Blessings and love, Bee and Bobby xo