Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Am Wishing You Peace

When I admire the foliage of shrubs and trees
I bring my focus to detail the leaves.
I look at the veins
the shapes
their colour and tone,
whether they cluster in families
or grow out on their own.

I am thinking of New Year around the world,
the full heat of summer
the depth of white snow
and folk who are gathering
as some are alone.

Here in Australia
where white lilies bloom
the fragrance of these is filling the room.
Whether your Christmas
was warmed by the sun or a fire inside,
may goodness bring all that you need
and Kindness and Love
keep the world going around,
so I am wishing you peace
and the heart of a leaf
or crystals of snow to melt with the flow
and life will cycle wherever you go.

So breathe in a New Day,
and be warmed by generosity
to love in new ways.

(Written December 30, 2014)

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