Friday, August 30, 2013

Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Just believe
the spring will come
and the warmth
will cheer everyone.
All these months
of cold and wet
do seem endless
and yet,
we know the seasons
come, then go,
so, we must believe
there are many days
when goodness will bring
the joys of Spring.

The rain soaks deep
into the soil
and helps the earthworms
with their toil,
we know
there are better days
coming soon
to amaze us
with the colour of spring,
and birds will sing
as will our hearts,
so everyday rolls along
to give us tolerance
to adapt
and trust to know
‘this too will pass’
and best we live
with open hearts.
Yes, gratitude for Nature’s ways
and all the amazing
and changing displays
of green and gold
and red and blue
and sunshine’s glow
is coming too.
(Written with chartreuse coloured new Vibernum leaves on August 22, 2013)

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