Monday, August 5, 2013

The Healing Wisdom of Parodox

It comes to me
to help me see
with my auto-immunity,
the attack I felt
in painful cells,
was here to teach me,
here to tell,
that in all the years
I felt misunderstood
by many I knew along the way,
the greatest truth,
which came today,
is all along,
in my DNA.
I was the centre
of my dis-ease within,
as I gave my power away
because I misunderstood
my role in everyway.

I am here to live in peace,
to believe myself
and share my heart,
but loving me
must be where to start.

So along my way,
in how I went,
I did my best to fit-in with life
but I hid myself
in a protective way
to follow the pattern
laid out each day.
And deep inside
I felt swept along,
washed by waves to belong,
drenched by floods,
overwhelmed with outside plans,
so my legs were racing,
I always ran.

There was a paradox in my life
such wisdom which I came to see…….
I felt so misunderstood
because I misunderstood myself.

Truth is true.
Never fear or defend.
Be the peace in your life.
Faithfully accept the guiding light.

Of course, now I know that I am whole,
I blend with you,
I know myself,
I live my life with constant truth,
my cells are happy,
my times are joyful.
I understand that I am Love
and I am protected from above.

Never any need to attack myself,
to feel outside looking in,
I’m here within in every minute,
I am my life
and live within it.

Yes I do now feel peace,
accepting every cell I am
and listening,
following my higher call
to write my verses
and share with all.
My verses heal me
as I hope they do
give others hope to follow through
and bring joy  into each new day
and love yourself
as you are this present,
each miracle which comes along
will show you that we all belong……

We all need to know ourselves as love and light,
let faith and hope and grace prevail,
and life will shine
as it has for me,
you never know who’s there inside,
release the past
and love your life.

I gave myself some learning hurdles
and now I know why we live,
we live to love
we live to Trust
that all we ever, really need
is belief to know we’re already whole
and love to share with every soul.

(I am always inspired by “A Course In Miracles”)

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