Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wait and See

Every year I love this time
when the blue Grape Hyacinths
flower and shine
and all those bells ring in tune
with the perfect gift
of musk perfume.

So every year I say the same
“Oh, I love to see you here again”
bringing joy in Winter,
following on
from those cold dark nights,
comes your beacon shining bright.

What this first flower of the day
has to tell me,
has to say, is:
“Let us all grow strong and clear,
let us be a glimpse of cheer,
let us know
and in awareness show,
that in every moment there is ‘now’,
so peace and gentleness may shine through
anytime you are feeling ‘blue’.

For some of us, including me
this vivid blue colour
calls across, like no other,
and yes I see, literally,
so much beauty
shining in a simple way,
a lighthouse of bells calling to us,
“the present is now, believe and trust”.

Observing plants is a joy to me,
plant a bulb
then wait and see…….
patience does reward us all
with colourful delights from the soil.

(Written on August 12, 2013 with Muscari armeniacum/ blue Grape Hyacinth)

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