Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Every step leads us on

I came across upon my way
a Honeysuckle shrub
with an abundant display
of honey-eaters and silver-eyes
enjoying the nectar
and the air was filled
with the wonderful scent
and I felt happy I had come this way
for I was inspired
on my walk today.
 And further along, I came to a bridge,
it was close to the lake
when I came down from the ridge
of ranges I journeyed across
and nothing ventured
is ever lost.

Every step leads us on
and every experience
can be built upon,
and every soul
is ever-loved
and every bird flies above.
So travel your path
and delight in the way
you are grateful for all
the beauty each day.

The colours of light,
the array of greens,
the shapes of the rain clouds
shadowing the valley,
how indeed, could there ever be
enough praise for the natural world
we see.
Eucalyptus blossoms,
as red was the tail of the black cockatoo
now extinct from our ‘Bush’,
and so I am also heartened to see
the yellow-tailed black cockatoos
flying over the trees,
and the golden wattles
are flowering brilliantly.

(Written on August 7, 2013 with a flowering stem of the Winter Honeysuckle)

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