Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Boots, A Song, The Tree and Synchronicity

The wisdom of the ages
‘comes through’ to my pages
and the guidance is as true
as my leap of faith……….
all is well in the world
as all is well in my heart,
I’m walking the path
I’m walking along
and my heart melody
is a pure simple song.

All along in recent years
I create new healing
by releasing old fears.
I ask for guidance, blessings
and signs to see,
so messages coming
are received by me.

So I pray in every new day
I am heartened by all
that paints images for me,
I ask the question
before the answers I see…..

This story begins nine years ago,
when as a Christmas gift
you gave to me
the Grevillea Silky-Oak Tree.
They grow in Queensland
but don’t like the cold,
so I planted it by the winter pond
and it didn’t grow much,
it didn’t respond…..

Then you left me and went far away
and years later I shifted
from that country spot
and dug up ‘our tree’, to take with me,
in a magnificent pot!
Too tall for small gardens
and I could never it’s true
leave it behind
when to me it was you!!!
So I placed it by my window
every day of every year
and it grew to be,
taller than, the rooftops I see.

And over all of the years
you kept returning to me,
and just a few months before
your spirit flew free,
you requested new boots
as a gift from me.

As ever, we walked in the bush,
our favorite song came from whip-birds
and a sweeter song
would never be heard….

One day, I was missing my friend
who ‘has gone from this earth’,
and thinking of him
and those Mack boots left behind,
when I heard a new song
I’d love to re-wind.
The ballad was heartfelt,
from the very first line,
sung by a country singer
in slow waltzing-time. --------
She said “I’ve nothing of yours
to remember you by
except for one shoe”….
and there were tears in my eyes!!

My goodness, a sign if ever there was
that hearts reach across from the other side
to bring cheer and warmth,
there is no divide.

I looked at your new boots
you only wore for a few weeks,
then with your passing
my sadness felt lasting.
And all of the years,
through all of my tears
show me, it is true
you are closer now
than you ever were,
and I am healing within
everyday with new signs,
I am heartened for sure
so keep looking for more.

The following day, was the day, was the one,
when our Chinese Proverb
came true for a second time.
“Keep a green tree in your heart perhaps a singing bird will come…”

So we live with this wisdom
more than twenty years
and it takes your dying
to present to the tree
living birds for me to see!!!

Soon after your passing,
in the Silky-Oak Tree
in a planter pot by the window
you came to be…..
Previously, you wrote on-line
your password defined
‘Blue-wren’ was your call-sign
as birds called to you,
so there in my Silky-Oak
through the window I see
a blue wren, and hen
with a greeting for me!!

Oh Joy! I was heartened,
Oh heart I am free,
I let go of the pain
that has been crippling me…..

Then on a Sunday morning,
the day after ‘the shoe song’,
I go into my room
and am delighted to see
the Western Whip-bird just sitting
in our Silky-Oak Tree!

(I wrote this on October 2, 2011 whilst sitting with THE Mack leather boots)

1 comment:

  1. Last night
    I gave your boots away
    those honey leather MACKS were yearning
    for working days.

    For me, I must
    keep walking on
    when I am gone
    from this world
    maybe you
    and maybe me
    will wear our dancing shoes
    we’ll see?!!

    (Written October 9, 2013. I kept those boots for almost 9 years as a symbol of love and grief. As I am now following my purpose, I realize the boots, in their perfection, needed to go with a landscaper, with the feet to fit, who would wear them earth-working. So the strong boots are out in the world again.)