Friday, August 9, 2013

Deep Purple Star, You Know You Are

Oh I love your richness
and deep purple star,
my goodness Clematis
you know who you are!
Reaching high to the light
and as soft as you are
your being your best
and excelling each test.
Underneath your petals
there’s the softest of lime,
a colour so tender
you look just sublime!
With your stem being strong,
you are happy this day
to greet the spring equinox
with a vibrant display.
Yes, you’re a creeper,
dormant in winter
but now you are showing
that everything’s glowing!

My lesson today
as I hold you close
is to take each season and enjoy each day,
take my life as it comes,
go one step, then two,
whirl around with soft-shoe
and dance on with joy,
leaving time for play
living in openness
and being happy that way.

(Written with a deep purple Clematis flower with 8 petals)

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