Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Seeds Of Change

The seeds of change
will re-arrange
where you thought
you were.

The green of Spring
will naturally
the juice
of things to come.

The palest blossom
will so foster
what the future
has to offer.

The seasons’ rains
will bring again
what you thought
you lost.

And then you’ll see
that openly
all is blessed

So lead the way
and you’ll hear us say
all the more
there is to tell,
where you drink Love
from the deepest well.

There is never more
than you can handle,
never more than you
can share,
never any way you’ll be
never guided,
or never free,
keep believing
there’s more to see.

Follow the path
through wooded land,
follow your heart
it’s an open plan.
You’ll be
where there is love
and sunshine shining,
strings are playing,
butterflies dancing
and spring will welcome
some romancing.

Birds are nesting,
Poppy’s resting
little ‘flower of sleep’
shines in spirit
so walk with faith,
you have dear friends
and nothing ever
really ends.
Life it brings
the seeds of change.
Life it brings
the golden-hearted
to inspire and lift
those left ‘departed’.

(Written in a blossoming and forested range, with a long stalk of wild oats, on September, 20, 2013)


  1. Bee. This is beautiful. Real and helpful. Poppy is a 'flower of sleep'. So original. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing's comforting.

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  3. I am heartened to know that what I am feeling very deeply, and that what I share here, is a similar feeling, or sometimes the same feeling, for someone else, or many others.
    I write for my healing and as the gifts of verse just keep coming to console me, I am sending them out to anyone who may read 'these posts in the clouds'!
    Thank you for sharing openly with me and other readers