Thursday, December 28, 2017


This leaf is here to tell
what will work,
what needs a spell,
but first, you need to rest a while
as it seems to be
you are in this life, restlessly.

And why,
what will it take
for you to break
the trembling speed,
because you need
to bring the light to shine higher.

A lot of logic is in your head,
but it's time to go within
to begin,
to create your beauty path
to find a place,
to rest a while,
a place to regenerate,
a place to make
'your own'.

And now we see
you reaching out,
branching in a few directions,
need we say and did we mention,
one path for you
is shining through.

Reaching out,
stretching wider,
calling-in and listening.

Your self-esteem would like to be
another place for you to see
nurturing and nourishment.

The way forward is to clear the old.
Be Bold.

You will know when it's time
to find your true heart.
It is there, indeed
seek yourself and shine Dear one.

So tomorrow, be free of sorrow.
Just shine.


1 comment:

  1. There Friends,
    This message was written at the Summer Solstice and was a personal reading for someone present for the occasion.
    And I thought, when I read it again, it suited a different friend I know.
    Just now, I read it again on this page and think how you may think it is about me.
    The Some Are The Many and We Are All One.

    Our beginnings and endings are on different days but we are all here, living and blending, sending love and kindness to each and all, Love Bee xx