Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bright And Beautiful

Can we go here?
Of course.

A place of beauty 
follow the path to The Palm House.
See the plants from tropical Madagascar.
It is free, come and see.

This day, this new year’s eve,
let me be
surrounded by light,
cocooned in a delightful way,
happy on a summers day,
grateful everyday
for Adelaide Botanic Gardens,
in the heart of the city,
to lift the hearts of the many.

In 2018, may I be
inspired by simple pleasures,
enjoy the magnificence
of this achievement,
this restoration.
May I be grateful for renewal,
for faith in creation
and for hearts of human oneness.
Let me see beauty
looking down upon the ground,
the trailing snail,
the friendly frog,
the blue-tongue lizard,
little field rabbit on the lawn,
all have come here this week
to my leafy garden in a hill-side town
little pleasures are all-around.

And looking up I see
a mountain duck flying over me
Going in an oblique direction
it may seem to be
but truly the duck 
was flying purposefully.

Let us observe and be inspired,
let us be appreciative,
let us be united,
let us all forgive.

May we go forward,
becoming our best selves
encouraging others to be
beautifully whole and free.

Blessings, Love and Peace to All

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