Sunday, September 20, 2015

Unrequited Love: A Past Life Healing

I knew him in another time
across the line
between now and then
backwards when
he was a scout
and I a maiden
culture laden
nature driven
wild grass growing
and winds blowing
I seem to have inside my cells
deepest feelings in the deepest wells.

So now another life has passed
I look back in the looking glass
and that young ‘innocence’
has come to be
healed I see
that I did my all
to heal
in ways I never had revealed
and ways I knew not how or why
I was led to lead and try
I was back to hoping for
more expression than the world before.

But as it is
and again seems
the young maiden
was the active link
as an enticement in this life
presented lessons
and reasons for
real expression leading to
the deeper knowing of the depths of you.

I said what I did for you
to help induce
a big breakthrough
but I feel
until you passed
you did not realize
the love that lasts.

So as my life beckons
me to flow
like a river
and grow like the grass
and follow the labyrinth
to the lasting centre
I will let you go
higher home
and I move on
from the plains we roamed.
I have calls
to the wider world
and time is now
to let that girl
fill her heart
with warmth and smiles
bring delight
and lightness in
and here I am
to Begin.

May I hold my heart
always open
may I bring my feet
to walk more trails
may I wave to nature
and smile to love
may I surrender all
to skies above
may Earth and Heaven
river and wind
heal within
and open to
what I left behind with you.
(A Past Life Healing, written on September 2, 2015 )

This is somewhat of a Part 2 to the verse I wrote on April 25, 2015,
which is The Part 1, 
posted here on Come Blossom Come Fruit 
under the title of “I Weep. I Weep for the Men”

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