Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Will Be Seeing You

what is true for me
is there within
my eyes to see.
So come in closer and openly
look for you inside of me.

I am here, as are you
and around the earth we all are too,
eyes are looking outwardly
go to you
as you look for me,
as every heart that warms our life
shows the light of our one soul
and mirrors those that yearn for love,
those that long for other times
and those that know we’ll meet again
someplace when
the veil is lifted to set us free

So here in this moment now
I say to you,
take a mirror and look therein
the looking through your eyes will bring
the looking to the me within,
and in your loss you’ll see me
in your eyes as I am
your twin flame glowing bright
the mirror shines your light to me
and I am luminous in the eyes I see.

(This verse was written October 15, 2015)

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