Saturday, September 12, 2015

Where Souls Belong

I wail.
Yes I wail for those
I could feel through and through
the gentle ones
who were lost in their lives
and deep in the well of their darkest times.

And I know
that I do
grieve for me and for you,
for the lost opportunities,
the failures it seems
in following our dreams
but the real truth shows
that when anyone ‘goes’
they are living their dream
in those worlds unseen…..
they have lost their fragility
and are completely gone
to where nurturing comes
and souls belong
where light is beckoning
and shadows fade
to a lovely shade
of Highest Love
blessing them now
with peace above.

(Written on September 12, 2013 as I farewell another dear friend from this lifetime)

1 comment:

  1. May you be smiling with all the joy that you deserve
    as I never heard
    a lovelier song on the ukulele than El Condor Pasa played with heart
    at the start of my healing hour.
    In memory of T. R. G. who went home on September 3, 2015