Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Call To See The Shining Light

What chimed?
Where and how?
I wonder why
so somehow I decide
it is THE CALL
the chime
the quietest sound
to wake us up
to take the reins
to ride the horse across the plains
to where who goes there
is it only us
or do we lead the way
for as such
we are the pipers
with guides within
who call to us to begin.

Go where you need
you’re welcome there
do what you love
so much to share
sing with unison and all around will tune-in
and you have come to begin
to light the dawn
to wake yourself
to write your way through the days
the verses come in happy ways.

Another chime will call the time
and start there
you’ll know where.
Begin it now
your healing comes when you let go
surrender to
the highest you.

Let joy come in and burdens go
follow your heart across the land
and in these times indeed
you will understand
the calling
the bell
the bird
the extension of yourself
-          the time to flow merrily
-          the time to play heartily
-          the time to sing whenever you wish
-          and do your meals in one dish.

Simplify and rely
on the calls you hear
to help you through
from being who
to being you
the Highest Self
you have your guide
go within
and join this ride –
this will lead you higher than
all you’ve known since you began.

Take your burdens and let them be
placed aside so you can see
the shining light which shows the way
for you to see every day.

So with the spring comes the joy
and with the chime smiles your boy.
He has found his happy home
and you will lead him through the trees
and bells will chime on the gentle breeze
and the night call of magpies will
settle down
and so will come
the dawn chorus of the little birds
the joyful ones will be heard.

Spiritual call
heard before the dawn August 21, 2015

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