Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Owl and The Shepherd Dog

After many months
I row my boat into the shore
after all that time I did explore
and learn new ways
to navigate
and find wisdom
which I did relate
to how I felt
and some uphill climbs
but all the while
there was this time
I knew within was clearing me
to float on water in my vessel
so better times will be greater now
as the past is less
I did my best
and now the beacon shines to sea
as The Owl and The Shepherd Dog are sailing free.

It was the faith that led us long
to follow through and remain strong.
It was the hope that I would hear
messages to keep us clear
of submerged rocks  and swamping waves
that I would know how to behave
and understand,
every thing brings a guiding hand.

So with trust and much gentleness
the swampy times
came to be
the days the sun shone on us cheerfully.
We are and always were I see
whole inside, not riven through,
just keeping the compass on true north
and going forward, travelling forth.

(Written on August 13, 2015)

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