Thursday, August 27, 2015

Going Higher And Riding Light

What I hear from over there
began with drums
and then lovely bells
chimed one by one
but golden daffodil today
is thrilling me with her trumpet call
for me to listen and share with all.

Come over
come to the side
lean over
and feel the ride
going higher
and riding light
you are travelling
some place further
where the air is pure
and colours bright,
where goodness glows
the fairy lights,
where life is sweet
and truth is real,
where harmony
is what you feel,
where joy is golden
and pink shines through
from higher souls
down to you,
where time is free
and hearts are pure,
where you know yourself
and believe for sure
that your purpose
will bring you to
the place we seek
to meet with you.

The Path is lit,
the bluebells chime,
every step leads the way
and you know where
it is you’ll be
so wait a while
before you see
the illumination shining bright
way on high
and deep within
every cell you have inside
is building strength
for this ride…..
the one to take you higher
pinker, golden, violet light
and the spring flowers all delight
to see you coming and you see them
so begin to leave The Old Self there
and very soon we will share
the new, the healed, the one we call
to write the words and share with all.

Looking in is where we find
all the shadows
we hide behind.
Welcome each and every day
to open up the hidden door
which leads through the old tree trunk
and to the view
from treetops high
light as air
and high as sky
soft as feathers indeed do fly
so feel the breeze and rise above
where all is shining Highest Love.

Joy to you and joy to me
and happily
all will be well
as heaven knows and time will tell.

(Written with the first golden daffodil in the misty midday showers on August 13, 2015)

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