Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In Kindly Ways Let Us All Share

I was strolling along in the evening time,
the country landscape surrounding me,
when I heard some singing
so I looked around to see
a very happy Christmas Tree….

I am ever so grateful
for the life that I breathe,
for the ever-growing Christmas Tree,
for heartfelt devotion
for friends who care
for Love and family everywhere.

For the beautiful pines that live long lives,
for the kindly ways we share,
for lifting our hearts and deeply listening,
for light on the waters and dew drops glistening,
for Summer warmth and Winter’s cheer
for bringing hope to this New Year.
May we all rejoice and openly say
‘Blessings and Peace’ to all today.

(Written on Christmas Eve December 24, 2015)


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