Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Shine The Light From Every Star

“It was the eve of their lives”
and all through the day
they were so unaware
and continued to play.
They ran through the forest
and rolled down the hills
the grass was so green
and no thing was seen
and then came the change
when life re-arranged
the quiet times of trust
were immediately thrust
into their faces
in all the dark places
and so there and now
they hid somehow.
They held their breath
was there anywhere left
to shelter and hide
how they felt inside.
They closed their eyes
and myopia came
and as life went along
it was never the same
and no safety in numbers
for them it was true
that being alone
as the Introverts Way
was the surest place
to stay and remain.
So life went along year after year
the trauma was stored
safely in cells
and tension was wrapped tight within.
and no thing new would really begin
as the past had a hold
a grip on the tissues
and all that remained
were the long buried issues.

Came a life to find looking outside
and walks in the bush
would bring the joy of the time
and deep inside was clearly defined
the pain, the times, the ways indeed
that smashed the gentle
and crashed and burned
the girl within
who never felt heard.

There came the day
when from way out far
Solar Logos energy
came from the stars
and colour and light
and strength shone forth
and courage zoomed in
to lift her up
and there was the New Action Plan
to leave that behind
as she happily ran
into the future
the bright space to be
raising her Spirit with Light energy.

There is more to this world
and way beyond
in other worlds too
the Golden Light is healing you.

(Written on November 27, 2015 after a waking message)

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