Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Passing By

When driving through Summertown
I see two trees
and hear the whisper
'why are you 
just passing through?'

How do we know
where it is we stay a while,
who may need a passing smile,
who may need a greeting card
or a cheery phone call on a cold, cold day.
Could not we delay?
Our travels are more than just one day.

Who goes there
and why?
Who stays there for a lifetime?
Do we linger only long enough
to buy raspberries and ice-cream.
Is not there more to be seen?

Stop the car
and walk
 the length of a long, long road.
Sit beside the grape vines
and wonder when
will be the time
to search
 more around these hills
a little place with a grassy field
calls you over to rest in clover.

Strawberry clover
strawberries in Summer time.
Timely and sublime.

- o O o -

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