Saturday, May 19, 2018

Bridging Between

When the nights are cold
and the mist is silent,
Autumn is delighted 
just to be 
shining brilliantly.

Looking like a welcome fire,
I am always heartened 
when comes the May
as Viburnum carlesi
shows wondrous beauty
with a deep display
of picture-book colour
 for you today.

She grows slowly and welcomes frost.

Comes the Spring
sweet fragrance brings
honey birds and humming bees 
to this glorious tree
that continues to be 
alive and well, thankfully.

So Happy Birthday to you
my Apple Isle friend,
and remembrance
I also send
to the other side
where my sad friend went
who loved the delicate spicy scent.

Blessings, Love and Peace


  1. "Such a warm and heartfelt message from a dear friend, to her friend in the Apple Isle.
    Amidst the current cold and storms, one's heart is uplifted and filled with joy, to receive
    such thoughtful care from a highly talented friend. Thank you, dear one."

  2. Thank you for such a lovely response Dear One,

    May the bridge appear
    to take you there,
    to clear the way
    and relieve your day
    with unseen helpers lifting you
    to get you through this cold,
    this overload
    presented by
    flooding rivers
    and darker skies.
    May all you need to succeed
    come to you
    and blessings be
    all around as you do see
    Love is with you.

    Love is everywhere.
    Here in strength
    to gently comfort your despair,
    your endless effort to repair.
    So as you care
    and share in every way
    may all your needs be met
    and warm cuppas arrive
    to help you survive.

    My Love and thoughts are with you
    who quietly help so many souls
    find peace in their days, Blessings Be With You xxo