Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lead Kindly Light

Yes I look deeply at the flowers
I listen to their whispers
and I cherish every bloom
I gather for my room.

And as every season
 comes and goes
I love to share my joy
and even if I only send
a photograph to a friend,
the bloom will sing
and everything will be shining.

What I share with you today
is this absorbing Lilac Light
which called me over
like a distant star
 guiding and lifting my day
each petal in the beauty way.

To be with Lilac is for me
the greatest joy
the softest smile
the gentle blessing as I pass by
fills my heart and scents the sky,
so as there is an angel singing
I hope my words
will boost the bringing
of this simple star
from over here to where you are.

May kindly light be with you.

May you feel some comfort
and know how flowers 
have the answer to the question.
 In quiet times
 all things come to pass,
may you know peace in your heart.

-o O o -


  1. Exquisite, Bee...Thank you so much for this awareness continues to radiate and penetrate any surrounding darkness.

  2. Bless you Stu for being in the heart of nature and for being a teacher, for being true and sharing your light.

    All of nature lives in all of us.

    My little lemon tree has fragrant white star blossoms. I am happy to see them this morning. Come Blossom Come Fruit.
    If the weather is kind and the wind is gentle, and I have patience and care for my fruit tree in every season, life will sing. It will grow lemons in the winter.
    My friend years ago was helping me as this little tree looked dead. She gave it liquid worm poo, named it 'The Little Tenor' and told me to listen, keep listening, and it will sing one day.
    The Lilac Tree with the star bloom, is only a small shrub, which was broken in half by a neighbors pear tree which fell over the fence and on to it. Every season for 7 years I nurture the plant and greet it as I pass by. And so it shines a bright star on flowering day this week.
    And that is Real. Takes years to happen.
    The Flowers know. The birds know. We know.
    Gentle kindness and just keep singing,

    Love to you, Bee xo

    1. Come the blossom, then come the fruit if you value what is Real, and now my lemon tree is humming.

      My friend Leslye has gone away but her leprechaun comes to play, and I am not sure if she was saying he was the Little Tenor for the tree, or the lemon tree would sing to bring him visiting.

      I have her two potted kumquat trees so there are three being graced by the presence of the little people.

      What joy there is in the unseen faces all around us...

      Bee xxx

  3. "A precious soul whose words bring peace to many. Tenderness, gentleness and an outpouring of love reaches distant places.
    Blessings to you dear friend and thank you for sharing your special gift."

  4. Thank you for tuning-in and sharing your love and gratitude here with us.
    I truly value your comment.
    May lovely flowers bloom with you.
    Blessings and peace, Bee x