Sunday, October 6, 2019

For Love Of Trees

We came for the trees
after lives
 of never thriving,
we came alive
we walked the hills
we lay in grass
and planted the fields
but there was always
always leaving.

And this continued.
More walking
through forests
and over mountains,
the quiet times
the longing
the yearning
the creation
the separation,
the seemingly endless

But here today
as the lilacs bloom
 under the cloudy sky
I know why
the charity of sweet fragrance
fills my heart
with calm,
with peace
beneath the trees,
the magpie flies above
and now it is my time
to find the way every day.

God knows
where you are
and I know I am with him.

'God goes with me where ever I am.'
Trees grow
 where they are planted
birds fly
 across the sky
and sing each day.

A bird is heard
whenever we are listening.
I am listening now,
I am here now.

We came to be with the trees.
This understanding
shines the light through me.

Lesson 41:
"God goes with me wherever I go"
A Course In Miracles
Foundation For Inner Peace

- o O o -

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