Thursday, March 10, 2022

Growing Mauve Sunflowers

Mauve sunflowers are rare blooms
and where I live among the trees,
in a cloudy hills region, was indeed an uphill plan.
I began by ordering 20 precious seeds,
prepared the soil, covered the area to keep it warm,
sang some songs, and watched every day.
Yes everyday!

Wait, just wait.
Through cold and rain and hail, there was disappointment.
It took months and months and 4 seeds survived!
But I was alive to capture photos.
Many, many. Here are just a few.
And now I know, Sunflowers grow
abundantly in fields of Summer-sunshine.
The winner this year was Cosmos 'radiance'.
Also rare, 
so I will share fabulous photos of these pink flowers. 
Now, the tiny hopping-mouse is coming for Cosmos seeds!

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