Sunday, June 8, 2014

If That May Have Been A Time In-Between

Sweet Violet light
with gentle scent
wherever you went
I did go
wherever you walked
along so slowly
there in the dell
beneath the trees
was the whisper of love
and the song of the breeze.
There in the shade
of the forest glade
we played
with love at midday
and who is to say
that that was the place
that I wondered if
I would scatter your ashes
if you follow my drift.
If that was a place
in the cold of winter
where warmth became us
and there was none of the splintering
that followed on after,
just mist and colour
and some good fun laughter.

Along we go
and who is to know
if that may have been
a time in between
where love and shade
and sunshine and clouds
have passed over from heaven
and come to me now
as a remembrance of winter
and love in the mist
of the first time I felt
and enjoyed your kiss,
of the heart of the centre
and the beginning to end
when we became less spontaneous
and faith blew in the wind,
as there came the spring
and the summer season dried
all that we knew
and then left behind.
Oh come to the violets,
oh come to the times
when love began on the cold winters night
and times they changed from then onto then
and let’s let go
and begin again….

(Written with a tiny heritage violet flower on June 9, 2014)

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