Friday, February 19, 2021

A Place To Be

From where I sit I see
a fruiting lemon tree 
surrounded by blue salvia
and abundant easter-daisy blooms just outside my room.
And here within I bring
the sitting stillness where I am deeply listening.
As you look into my quiet space,
you see this room really has no room at all,
and the sacredness of place
comes from what I feel in my spaciousness within.
So I bring simplicity inside here, 
as I close the door to distractions
and ask myself Who Am I 
I Am a place to be
open to the calm within me.



  1. I think this is my favourite heart-poem of all your work ever Bee...Thank you!!!

    1. Bless you Dear Stuart.
      I am happy you like it as it just popped-up as they do.
      Sometimes so simple, and easy to share as the morning arrives and I am composed for a new day..

      Thank you for your warm and heartening comment,

      Have a good day under the bright sky above,
      with love and gratitude,
      Bee xxo