Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Who Sits With The Flowering Moss

Soft and gentle was the way
to enter into this spring day,
hard and strong does not belong
where the worms work and live,
where the heart dwells,
where forgiveness brings
blessed peace to sleep.

If I were a bird flying by
I would see the green and know
a landing pad lies below.

I see now, as above so below,
as we live, so we go
further along or to and fro,
rolling over hills or falling off cliffs,
we think and we drift
we sink or we lift
up, to a higher place.

We sit with the mossy bank,
in the forest with the trees.
Be with us please.




  1. This is beautiful Bee...Thank you for such a gift!

  2. Blessings and thank you Stu.
    Moss is such a glorious species of soothing colours, textures, delicacy and plumpness.
    It is soft. It is tender. It is gentle.
    The shades in the shade are beautiful and looking closely at each plant rewards us with unique blooms and a fascinating microscopic view of the quiet life.
    Go softly by.
    Love and great kindness be with you
    Bee xxx

  3. Sitting in the soft spring sunlight filtering through my blinds I found peace, beauty and a great depth of understanding of nature in your words.
    May they uplift the hearts of many people in these difficult times.
    Much love, Jean.

  4. Thank You Jean, for your very gentle and kind comments.
    Your sensitivity for others and your thoughts for our universal friends in these very strange times will be also gracefully received.
    Peace and Love be with you,
    Bee xo