Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Parcel Is Coming

We are sending a parcel
a parcel to you,
one to open your heart and let you see through
all there is surrounding you.

Now you may wonder if this gift
will be coming soon to bring you a lift
after all the packing, lifting and shifting
now you are in the midst
of so much unpacking
to set up your space
and there will be inspiration in so many places
you will delight with the treats
and smiles on the faces
of devas, elves and the earthy gnomes
and we want you to wander through wooded valleys
to see what you find,
take your time and walk awhile
and the little dog Bob, will certainly smile
as you go through the grasses and wildflower blooms
and so many birds will fly overhead
with a feather or two, floating down to you.

When you find each feather, then you will take a seat
and write down in your journal each greeting
we bring to you……
Start when you see the very first one
and continue the pages in the order they come…….

This is the story
we want you to share
so take a packed lunch
as you will be there
a few hours,
as the Equinox of Spring is the start of the new
messages we are sending
to guide you to
all that will come,
in the coming months and years
and you will share these love stories
with all who will hear and read
and uncover them too
as each one is a blessing
coming through to you
and those who have love in their hearts to share,
so set up your light and bright warm new rooms
and be ready to go in the early morning,
follow your heart
and drive to these callings…….

You will see a pink sign we will set by the road
and fruit trees are blossoming,
the warm sun will be shining.
Take the first bend after you pass the pink
and keep your mind free
for all there is new,
no need for thinking, to follow us through
like Alice, you will be surprised
and take your camera to photograph
the delightful signs.

So we will leave you with this Tuesday walk
and see what you write, and hear you talk
and all around will be blue peace and white light
so enjoy the rest, after a month of creating
the best place in the lightest space
to let your heart sing and welcome this Spring.

(Written on Sunday September 21, 2014)


  1. Congratulations Bee on you being open to and manifesting a new Garden of Light both within your Self as well as your Light House in the Hills...A truly divine effort! Blessings...

    1. Thank you to you Stuart, I believe you too are shining your bright , radiant light Love Bee xx