Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dragonfly Delight

Little dragonfly I see you there
sweet lovely insect resting now
and wonderful to know somehow
you have come to be
sharing Poppy’s energy.

And long you rest
as all around just passes by
and I am thrilled you are so still
enabling me to come and see
the light glowing
through your wings
shining on your  bright green body
you just being there
beside me
I am delighted by serendipity.

Only a week ago,
a large dragonfly circled around me,
over the path that we always wandered,
by the lake, along the shore,
our little outings, where we explored.
The breeze is blowing now
and I will be going on
happy that you are indeed
calmly settled ‘in the happily’.

(Written on September 6, 2014 whilst beside a small dragonfly that was on my backroom window looking in to where little Poppy and I always stayed, and where I was looking out at her burial place.)

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