Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Weep

I weep
in this moment I feel
I weep for the world
I weep for your loss
and I weep for what
you feel is lost.

I sigh
I sigh and see
that spring has come.
I release the tears
that have begun
to well in my eyes
and pond up my vision
but I see ahead

I know that you
are grieving now
indeed you must
release the pain
of feeling you never
will see him again.

I believe you will in other ways
know he is with you
in these earthly days.
A thought, a way,
a memory here,
a day at a time
will walk you through
until time brings togetherness
again to you.

I smile in my heart
for the love I feel,
for the gratitude
that two
were dedicated to
sharing each day
in the only way
that they knew how
so love was present behind every cloud.

You gave your heart,
you gave each day
you loved him dearly,
now he has passed away.
But never feel you are alone
you have a well of tears within
and wonder how
you will begin
to walk on now,
but believe you will
have inner strength to carry you
and in your heart you know it’s true.

So dear lady, please sit and rest
you did your very, very best
you now need days and days to weep and sigh
and let the smiles you have for him
twinkle in your eyes again.

Love is with you
love is here
grieve as long as endless years
and feel comfort from those around you
who share their warmth, their love, their tears.

Family and friends
will comfort you
lean on them
as you need to
let yourself grieve and grieve
take all the time
you gave to him
and nourish yourself in gentle ways
as you come into each coming day.

My Dear, your heart is warm
and all who ever met you
see your kindness,
feel your heart,
so today
know, we all do think of you
and care and hope that in your time
your heavy heart will come to heal
and the light surrounding you
will lift your spirits and guide you through
knowing you gave constant care
and love for your beloved in the life you shared.

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