Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Follow Your Heart And The Labyrinth Path

Leave the maze and the need to
understand where you are going to.

Seek the labyrinth, begin it now
and follow one step,
then another,
around the circular path
whichever way, east or west,
the way is guided by your breath.
The day it starts by the willow pond,
let the sorrows flood into the stream
and see the start Begin Again.
Follow one foot,
then another.
Your mind will find the answer there,
every question is resolved
by coming into your heart centre
there you are, with your own light
shining through and shining bright.

You need not mind where you are
any where is good to start
and before you know, you will believe,
nothing left to ever grieve.
The guiding force is inside you.
walk within in meditation
as the way is what it is,
unlock yourself and begin.
Walking back from the centre
breathe in stillness,
peace and blessings
ever onward, light is streaming,
accept it all without your reasoning.

The heart does lead our every path
if where we go, is where we will find
love for each and every kind
and best of all, peace of mind.

So when we give up the search,
the gift is there within,
the peace it sits inside ourselves.
the path will guide to higher light
in bright sunshine or darker night.

Follow your heart and the labyrinth path….

(Written November 9, 2014)

A maze is designed to confuse.
But walking a labyrinth is where you solve problems and find healing answers.

There is a beautiful sandstone and blue-stone Sydney Labyrinth which has just been opened in Sept, 2014 in Centennial Park in Sydney, Australia. It is in a quiet space, well away from the usual circuit and may be found in the field down by the Willow Pond.
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