Thursday, November 27, 2014

When Heart-Bells Chime In Their Own Sweet Way

Divinely blessed
here you are
listening to a call afar, 
listening in with all your heart,
waiting here as it all starts

And bells are blossoming
with the sweetest scent
and all the air is laden fresh
as raindrops dwell all around
and in your heart
you feel the sound
of Love.....
The peace, the quiet,
the heaven sent,
the kind you seek
and always meant
to find.

But oh, many lessons came with that
as you looked
 for what you thought you needed
and none of those
the way you thought
they ought to do
but, truly dear
we're telling you
they always do enlighten you,
bring the lessons
you came to learn
and every time you did discern
and grew to leave,
to indeed succeed
in growing
and coming to the knowing
that we all do,
is our path
and in our heart
we know that's true,
as growing is a learning too.

Every time you come to share
and give a sense of all your caring,
then in that way
and in your sharing
comes a blessing to lead you on
 to somewhere new
and someplace stronger within you.

So as the bells chime
in their own sweet way,
you are here in your everyday
to simply follow in a simple way
and all will bloom
and fragrance will indeed
show you how you do succeed
by proceeding on, in a patient way,
to seek yourself and hear us say.....

Keep going.
Keep the door always open
and into your life
at any time
comes the sweetest bell
with the clearest chime,
the bell to ring
the changes in,
the bell to swing
on any lovely breezy day
and let you feel in every way
the blessings all around you,
the every-days you live through,
the awareness of the little things
and the simplest way the daily brings
Love to you.

Hearts will sing
when you love yourself
in your life you have,
the inner joy glows bright
as you pass to sleep every night.

Oh glory, glory, I hear the call
of every bell in the country-side,
lightly chiming to call the day,
it's yours' indeed
so bring in play
and expand yourself in many ways.

Written in the New Moon
 with the beautifully fragrant
Philadelphus Mexicanus,
Mexican Mock Orange, on November 22, 2014 
22/11 = 2 Master numbers


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  1. Hello Friends,
    I have always loved this verse and it was a special day when it came to me with all the raindrops.
    I love the photo and i love the message from the flowering plant, Love Bee xx