Sunday, April 2, 2023

From Blonde To Silver

Long years ago I left my home
believing it was the only choice given me
but indeed now I see with clarity.
Just leave your lover.
Just save who matters
Go. No.
Just Quit The Job
and stay and stop the day work.
Yes. Stay.
Just continue to be devoted to priorities.
Stay where you are,
Stand strong 
to ride the tempestuous waves
to call truth 
just shut the shop. Just stop home.
Be there where you always were
and define the curbs beside the road.
Put down those heavy, heavy hidden loads.
Keep the children safe from harm,
dismiss all others to find their way
owning all the carpet dust,
just speak up loudly when you must.
Credit Image: Sydney-Smith-Full,
Lions Roar online August 2022.
Illustration to May We Be Safe, by Barbara Gates



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