Saturday, December 8, 2018

Love In The Mist

When old sad stories
come to view
and seemingly
 we fade,
take heart dear ones,
 calls again
 only the Love remains. 


- o O o -


  1. 'Grace / calls / again / and / only the love remains /' -- Barbara, this is one of your most beautiful lines. And I love that Grace 'calls again' -- the idea that it never truly goes away, even in the face of pain; that it is only dormant until called upon and it appears at the exact time of need. And that 'only' the Love remains -- nothing else of hurt or pain. So true, and so humanly necessary to understand.

    1. Yes, Philip.
      Thank you for your very insightful expression.
      When you call for Grace pain/fear dissolves.

      I believe Grace is like a soft white candle flame, always present in our heart center, and we only need to say 'Please give me grace', and we feel the brighter light flame again - the courage to follow divine guidance.

      I have a wonderful CD set,
      produced and available at Sounds
      called Channeling Grace by author Caroline Myss.

      She loves the ancient Mystics like Teresa of Avila and believes "Grace is the breath of God - an invisible essence that moves swiftly amongst us."

      I love the Nigella - Love in the Mist flowers, as they are so blue and calming, and the flower contains what becomes a huge pod of seeds to create another flower field next Spring. They and we, Begin Again.
      With the Grace of a New Season

      Here in Australia it is Summer time so I send warmth to your winter in USA
      Bee x