Thursday, November 19, 2020

Whisperings With The Pink Roses

Looking up I see
mothers of children looking fondly down to me.

We did our best through endless tests,
not knowing why it was that way,
and wondering when, 
if any-day, life would become easier.
I have the grandmothers here with me,
my precious mother brings her love,
my children here forgive me
for ways and patterns I did not see.
The isolation keeps us safe,
the distance is another place,
further to go the soft buds show.
'When you look closely Love is all you see'. 

These 'David Austin' roses are old and neglected, 
never watered, or nurtured,
abandoned in a graveled yard, year in and year out. 
They live through all seasons on visits from ladybirds,
sparrows and a strange flower whisperer.

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