Friday, April 9, 2021

The Song We Sing

As I step up to the gate I see
it is not just you but me
who is ready now to enter through
the gate there is leading to What's New.
And growing here, the green it is a juicy lime
and all there is will pass in time
and all there will be coming on
are all the lyrics to our song.
So here we hum
and all we know has yet to come
and all we see is beside the gate
just trailing on for heavens sake.
So open wide and waltz along
the song we sing will always bring
the melody of joy within.
From this twining vine life sings all songs,
so like a leaf just surrender to All There Is
to guide the way like a soft breeze on a sunny day.





  1. Barbara, I love how this poem using the movement of the 'twining' of the vine, to introduce that continual reaching out, in, up of all that we would experience were we only to observe what in nature compels such movement. And yes, the idea of how we might surrender to all those 'guiding' sources of life that might show us all there is to find joy in. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Philip.
      What a wider world of nature you see in life, and I am delighted with your inspirational response and deep ways of looking and sharing here with us.

      I look forward to your own poetry reading, with 3 other poets, on April 22, 2021.
      It will be wonderful to watch virtually from Australia, as you are each sharing with Emily Dickinson Museum, MA, USA.
      I now subscribe to Emily Dickinson Museum Newsletter, and am currently reading a beautiful new book called
      "Emily Dickinson's Gardening Life", by Marta McDowell.
      Timber Press. Portland. Oregon.
      All the very best