Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Sweetest Song

If I were a song
with a bird in me
I would sing
most joyously
from the highest tree,
I would bring
my whole within, 
I would raise
harmony to be
healing those around me. 

If I were a tune
to call to the moon
I would waft
through the silver trees,
I would float lightly
on the breeze,
I would be lighter
than ever before,
I would call more to explore.

If I were a string
on an instrument
I would sound
my fellow strings,
I would bring
to please the birds,
I would be the sweetest song
I ever heard.

If I was a woman
who roamed the hills
I would walk and walk
and breathe fresh air,
I would hum a tune
and whistle a song,
I would know 
the birds and I
all belong
to this wide world
and this new day
and every song
and tune would say,
bring more love
call more joy
be the one
who will enjoy
being here on the earth,
raise the notes
and sound your worth,
lift the others
and love your mothers,
be most heartily
the inspiration
 you came to be.

Be in this day,
be in this light
and shine your brightest
day and night.
Plant more trees
and bless the birds
who bring
 their songs for free
to share with All
and you and me.

- o O o -


  1. "Be in this day / "Be in this light. / Wonderful. And the foundation of the 'now.' For that is the only place we can begin, that leads to all other places behind, and in front of us. Beautiful.