Saturday, August 18, 2018

When Tenderness Comes

Old friend,
ever comforting my grieving heart
as I start again.

You flow in
like a welcome stream
cleansing sorrow
bringing a new tomorrow.

You lift me in the air
like a wishing chair
rising through the cypress boughs
softly in the clouds.

Looking down I see
 You breezing
 through the pear tree,
these blossoms know the greenery.

Some petals fall
 as grass is growing
my heart is knowing
there will be
 home-fires burning
 in the far-away lands
at the top of the trees.
 I believe, calm has come
 as peace is all around.
Let winter sleep now. 

You arrive as a trusted friend.
You hold my hand
You walk with me,
our thoughts are born

As I step into spring,
I see chamomile daisies
among the chickweed
where the golden bird comes to feed.
I sit nearby
reading to my friend,
love never dies
 our lives never end.

Yin and yang are circling
  when the homing birds
 arrive to rest.
 As tenderness brings 
the golden bird to sing,
two honey-doves are cooing.

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  1. Beautiful imagery Bee both in words and photographs...Thank you!