Thursday, October 10, 2013

Early Morning, Sunshine Calling

There will never be
little friend like you,
I will never share
so much again
without you.
All the years
side by side
and all the tears,
I’ve wept
since you died………
Still in my heart
I know
nothing ever dies
and all we love
lasts ever on
and all we had
has built us strong
and all I miss
helps me see
if I grieve you
and you are free
what I feel
and what I know
I would never miss you
if I ever
didn’t love you so.

You gave your all
to be my friend
and I gave my all
and love I send
and the other worlds where you are
are never distant,
never far
your valiant heart
and loving spirit
fills my day
you’re always in it
every time
I rest in sunshine,
every time I talk to flowers
and enjoy the green
the fragrant scenes
and believe
you’re somewhere lovely too
my heart is over there with you.

It isn’t that I’m deeply sad
it is that I am truly glad
that lovely lifetime we shared together
helped us both
feel so much better.
What, before, when I was seeking
walking, living,
searching, reaching
was ‘the essence’
we found together
our bond of loyalty
warms me ever.

(Written early in the morning on September 22, 2013)

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