Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Saving Grace, A healing message, with love to the animals, from a little hound and a beautiful Daphne

With all this warm
and welcome sunshine
here comes a day
to move along,
this very day
has brightened us
and there is a sense
of synergy
as you admire me
and I am happy to be
blooming fresh
into Spring,
as everything at last
has passed,
and gladly now
transformation comes
so let’s move on,
and with delight
this sunny, bright
happy day
and I hear your little hound-dog say……
“I love the chicken and the egg,
the yoghurt there to mix it up
and this past week
we have survived all storms
please let us
have gratitude for a normal way
to rest in sunshine
and please believe
I’m not dying yet
I have new spirit all around
‘Believe me Bee, we have been found.’

We nourish the souls
and come back to centre,
we bring back balance
and we rest as best
as all we do
is for me and you
and the care of animals
if you will write
and then you share,
the saving grace of me has been
raspberry juice,
mineral Celloids
bush essences
apple and yoghurt,
and free range protein,
keeping up fluids to me
and watching carefully
to prescribe for me.
And through it all,
here we are
and here we’ll be
for some time
you’ll  see.
So let’s resume
our healing pattern
No little box
lined in satin!
I’m alive, and you see my joy
as I skip my feet,
wag my tail
and sleep soundly now
sunshine streaming in,
Spring has come,
let’s re-begin.

(Written on September 2nd, 2013, at 1.30 pm with a fresh and beautiful solitary late-lowering Daphne. It had exquisite fragrance, soft pink frosted star-like petals and healthy foliage.)

Nine hours later Poppy was in great pain with a cyst, she lay on my tummy all night long barely moving, she happily ate egg for breakfast, and then gently died nineteen hours after this verse came to us.

The Daphne, seemed to have a new life, after normal flowering season, and there was just one flower! It was I feel, a metaphor for less than a day of joy, and seeming recovery for Pops.

There was a particular CD, that I often played repeatedly for her when she was in crisis or uncomfortable, and it was profoundly healing. She would listen, respond, and rally.
It is Song of Love For the Animals by Lia Scallon, 2009.

There is a resonance between perfumed flowers, birds, animals and man.

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