Thursday, October 3, 2013

Simple Ways

New to come
and old to pass
follow the path
along The Way
and who’s to know
and who’s to say
where, oh where
you may bloom
may be every place
and every room
in every way
you ever dreamed
in all the wonder
as you believe,
so look to the light
and open to sky
every path
leads you higher
all the ways
and every gate
is another way
to relate
grace and openness
joy and song
simple ways
lead you on
to a bright, clear purpose
calling you
say in the present
it’s coming through
with times of cheer
shining on
as gentle tears
fall away
and springtime blossoms every day……

And tiny fruits
are forming now
so sunshine lights the path
and abundance
fills the harvest hearth.

(Written on September 13, 2013, with bright pink Geranium)

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